Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Case of the Februarys

Do you have a case of the Februarys?

Happy February, Fellow Tutors!

I say that with all the love and understanding in knowing that February has a way of beating everyone up just a little bit. You’re tired. Your students are tired. Your student’s parents are tired. Heck, your dog is tired, and this awful weather isn’t helping anything one bit.

Here’s what happened –
  •         The holidays are over.
  •          New Year’s resolutions have worn thin.
  •          Mid-terms are a comin’.
  •         There just aren’t enough 3 day weekends happening.
  •         Summer break is nowhere in sight!

Basically, it’s a case of the Februarys. It’s like a case of the Mondays, but it lasts for an entire month.

The good news? February is about over.

As a key extrinsic motivator for your student, it can be tough to pull it together to help him or her summon the will to push through this month, but once mid-terms are over and the sun starts to shine again, you’ll see sweet smiles reappear on your students again. Summer is on their horizon! Keep this in mind while you tough it out for the next few weeks!


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